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At BlueCreation we like to keep you all in the loop and with Spring pretty much upon us, new products are beginning to bloom with integrated Bluetooth modules.

February saw Ubudu® using BC118 in their latest range of iBeacon products.


Francois Kruta, CEO for Ubudu said “Selecting BC118 for our beacons was the next stage in our evolution at Ubudu. BC118 is exceptionally flexible, easy to use and of excellent quality which is essential for our client base. Integrating the BC118 module will help us progress forward in our mission of helping brands and venues create rich connected experiences for their customers.”

You can read the full Ubudu press release here.

March saw Libratone®, the high end Danish speaker company, select BC127 with APTX license for their speakers LOOP, ZIPP and DIVA.


Jan McNair, CEO at Libratone commented “Superior sound quality has always been our primary focus when it comes to engineering our speakers. We were looking for the component that provides the best Audio quality possible over Bluetooth. BC127 not only provided the best RF and Audio performances by a good margin. But it’s also a module that was very easy to integrate and that is packed with advanced features we plan to use in our next generation of products.”

A review of the LOOP from 9to5mac .com stated “…over Bluetooth, we had zero-drop outs or audio hiccups when moving an iPhone well beyond the standard 33-foot Bluetooth distance, actually getting over 100 feet away (and beyond our Wi-Fi router) without any issues. The streaming performance with Bluetooth is reliably excellent in a way that AirPlay has never been, and this would generally be our preferred way of using the speaker.”

Our full press release for Libratone is available here.

April was the turn of German television manufacturers Metz®, who chose the BC127 module for the Topas television set.


A spokesperson for Metz said “BC127 has proven to be the highest quality module we have worked with. We have tested range, reliability extensively and have been pleasantly surprised by the capabilities and performance of this module. This has allowed to proved a very easy and consistent experience to our customers”

Our press release for Metz can be read in full here.

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