BlueCreation Releases BC187 – Ultra Low Energy and Low Cost Wi-Fi Module


Cambridge, 30th June 2016:

BlueCreation, a leading provider of wireless modules and solutions, has announced today the release of BC187, its ultra-low power and low cost Wi-Fi module. BC187 is uniquely positioned to address the Internet of Things (IoT) with an exceptional set of advantages:

-Essential Features: BC187 enables advanced features such as secure over the air firmware upgrade, simultaneous soft AP/Client. It also includes an TCP/IP stack and a LUA interpreter so customers can write their own code for standalone operation using simple LUA scripts.

-Low Power: BC187 includes several power modes to adapt to usage automatically without the need for customers to worry about optimisation. BC187 consumes down to 10µAmp in Sleep mode.

-Ease of Use: BC187 can be controlled from the UART interface with simple UART commands or custom commands using the LUA script. BC187 can be set-up and running in a matter of minutes.

-Small Form Factor and Competitive Cost: BC187 comes in a small form factor with integrated antenna (22mm x 15.5mm x 1.5mm) with the same footprint as the BC188 and a cost which is 30% lower than the BC188, the higher end module from BlueCreation.

“The ever increasing market developing around the Internet of Things (IoT) is reliant on complete, powerful, future proof and easy to implement solutions to speed up time to market.” commented Martina Novoraska, Marketing Manager at BlueCreation. “With BC187 we have released an incredibly simple and powerful solution.”

About BlueCreation
BlueCreation is the leading provider of Bluetooth modules and solutions to connect to SmartPhone and portable devices. BlueCreation modules and software are deployed in over one million devices including wireless speakers, headsets, automotive infotainment systems, industrial application as well as general consumer electronics. More information can be found at Keep up to date with BlueCreation on Twitter @bluecreation1.

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