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TRUE® Fitness has selected BlueCreation’s BC127 module for use in cardio equipment.

BlueCreation has today announced that innovative fitness company TRUE Fitness Technology, Inc. has selected the dual mode Bluetooth module BC127 for use in their range of cardio fitness equipment. Incorporated into the Escalate9 console, BC127 now provides premium Bluetooth functionality

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Devialet select BlueCreation’s BC127 and BC118 modules for PHANTOM.

December 15th 2015 – Cambridge, UK. French audio specialists Devialet have chosen BlueCreation’s BC127 dual mode Bluetooth module for use in their implosive sound, PHANTOM. Concurrently BC118, BlueCreation’s dedicated Bluetooth Low Energy module, has also been chosen for the accompanying

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BlueCreation acquire Japan and Korea P.R. Certification for BC127 and BC118

Cambridge 23rd September 2015 BlueCreation’s advanced Bluetooth Smart and Dual Mode Audio Bluetooth module BC127 and BC118 have today been granted Japan (JRF) and Korea P.R.(KC) certifications. Liam Arnold, Manager for BlueCreation stated “The BlueCreation team are pleased to now

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Bowers and Wilkins select BlueCreation’s BC127 Melody Audio software for use in P5 Wireless

Bowers and Wilkins®, Great Britain’s leading exporter of loudspeakers, have chosen to incorporate BlueCreation’s BC127 Melody Audio software into their latest series of P5 headphones. Cambridge 23rd July 2015 BlueCreation announced today that BC127 Melody audio software has been integrated

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Elcometer select BC127 with Melody Data for use in inspection gauges

Elcometer®, a leading industrial inspection equipment manufacturer has chosen BlueCreation’s BC127 Bluetooth 4.0 module running Melody Data firmware for their latest range of inspection gauges. Cambridge 1st May 2015 BC127 has been integrated into various inspection gauges by Elcometer used

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What’s new in Bluetooth Products this week?

It’s the holiday season and Bluetooth products are out to get a big share of your gift budgets. So we just looked at the latest funkiest gadgets that have been announced in the last weeks. Here’s a list. We have

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MiniStak makes bridges between Android and iOS

Hi to all people who read this blog! We were setting up a product using MiniStak running on Linux. And since Ministak allows to have at the same time a connection with a Bluetooth Low Energy device (ex: iPhone4S) and

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Android 4.2 integrates Broadcom Bluedroid stack!

Yes, it happened. We had heard about it and it’s now official.   Broadcom has officially announced the contribution of its Bluetooth software stack to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The software will also be included in Android 4.2. The

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iPhone5 launches Lightning

One piece of information we forgot to add in the previous post is that with iPhone5, the 30-pin connector has been replaced  for a new thinner and redesigned connector. This connector is called Lightning.  This new Lightning cable is an 8-pin

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Apple launches iPhone5 .. but also more Bluetooth in new Nano and iPod Touch

Yes, it’s the launch of the iPhone5 with a lot of anticipation. And as usual, we’re focused on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. So what’s in it for us in the short wireless spectrum? Here is our verdict: 1) Let’s recap: iPhone5

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