Devialet select BlueCreation’s BC127 and BC118 modules for PHANTOM.


December 15th 2015 – Cambridge, UK.

French audio specialists Devialet have chosen BlueCreation’s BC127 dual mode Bluetooth module for use in their implosive sound, PHANTOM. Concurrently BC118, BlueCreation’s dedicated Bluetooth Low Energy module, has also been chosen for the accompanying remote control.

PHANTOM is capable of delivering 3000 Watts and 105 decibels, an ultra-dense sound with physical impact with no saturation, distortion or background noise, even at high volume. PHANTOM is unique to the market place because of its revolutionary inventions: ADH® (Analogue Digital Hybrid), HBI® (Heart Bass Implosion), ACE® (Acoustic Cospherical Engine) and EVO technologies.

“With PHANTOM, Devialet has revolutionized the world of sound by creating a truly unique product. BC127 is the perfect accompanying Bluetooth module for this product as it can deliver the standard required for such a high-end audio system. Selecting BC118 for the accompanying remote control also allows for consistent high end performance throughout the PHANTOM product range.” – Liam Arnold, Manager at BlueCreation.

“BlueCreation’s BC127 Bluetooth module was chosen by our development team for PHANTOM as we required a premium module to deliver the highest quality audio and connectivity. BC118 BlueCreation’s Bluetooth Low Energy module has also been chosen for the PHANTOM remote control as BlueCreation are consistent in their performance level to deliver the highest quality products as are Devialet.” – Quentin Sannié CEO for Devialet.

About Devialet
Devialet is the world’s most awarded start-up for the excellency of its sound technologies.
Founded in 2007 by the engineer Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, Devialet’s revolutionary technology « ADH Intelligence » transformed sound amplification forever. The ADH Intelligence made possible the hybridization of digital and analog technologies, which allows emission of a perfect sound. 
Joined by Quentin Sannié, a visionary entrepreneur, and Emmanuel Nardin, a designer of excellency, they formed the trio which led Devialet to worldwide success. International leader of high-end amplifiers, Devialet launched in 2014, its new wonder: PHANTOM, Implosive Sound.

Devialet inventions transform the world of sound.

About BlueCreation
BlueCreation is the leading Bluetooth and Wi-Fi consultancy and a provider of wireless modules to connect to SmartPhone and portable devices. BlueCreation software and solutions are deployed over a million devices including wireless speakers, headsets, automotive infotainment systems, industrial application as well as general consumer electronics. More information can be found at Keep up to date with BlueCreation on our blog at

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