Elcometer select BC127 with Melody Data for use in inspection gauges

Elcometer®, a leading industrial inspection equipment manufacturer has chosen BlueCreation’s BC127 Bluetooth 4.0 module running Melody Data firmware for their latest range of inspection gauges.

E224 & E456 combined

Cambridge 1st May 2015
BC127 has been integrated into various inspection gauges by Elcometer used for measurement of properties such as; coating thickness, surface profile, climatic conditions, adhesion, gloss and many more.

In these devices, the BC127 dual mode module along with Melody Data allows for instant data reporting on devices running Elcometer’s own ElcoMaster® Data Management software or through the ElcoMaster app for smartphones/devices.

Liam Arnold, Media Manager at BlueCreation stated “Elcometer are specialists in the industrial sector so providing a robust module with a long life expectancy and reliable firmware was absolutely necessary for Elcometer’s range of inspection gauges. BC127 with Melody Data connects to both Android and iOS platforms enabling collecting Data in a fast and seamless way”

John Maguire, R&D Manger for Elcometer said “BlueCreation provided excellent support and were able to deliver the performance we were looking for in our products. Bringing enhanced Bluetooth capability to our customers was important and BC127 allowed us to do this simply and with high performance.”

About Elcometer
For more than sixty five years Elcometer has been a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of inspection equipment to the coatings, concrete and metal detection industry. Ever since the first Elcometer gauge was manufactured in 1947, Elcometer’s philosophy has been to provide industry leading, innovative, high quality products; supported by a best-in-class customer experience; at a competitive price. Concentrating on these core values, Elcometer has become a Global leader in coating inspection test equipment and technology. With a range of products specifically developed to meet the needs of the coatings and NDT inspection industries, Elcometer is well positioned to provide a solution to your inspection requirements – whatever and wherever they might be. For more information on Elcometer’s range of products, visit www.elcometer.com
Elcometer and ElcoMaster are registered trademarks of Elcometer Limited, Manchester, UK.

About BlueCreation
BlueCreation is the leading provider of Bluetooth modules and solutions to connect to SmartPhone and portable devices. BlueCreation modules and software are deployed in over one million devices including wireless speakers, headsets, automotive infotainment systems, industrial application as well as general consumer electronics. More information can be found at www.bluecreation.com. Keep up to date with BlueCreation on our blog www.bluecreation.com/blog/ or on Twitter @bluecreation1.

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