Pingbell; A BLE Necessity For Cyclists

Pingbell Product

With nine million bicycles in Beijing, as the song goes, finding your bicycle after a day at work can be a difficult experience. We at BlueCreation share that burden in our native Cambridge, with bicycles the most popular choice of transport throughout the City. It is usually the case that simple ideas which solve problems are the best, and they strike you for being so obviously necessary that you cannot believe you did not think of it before. In steps FROLIC Studio to deliver such a product, Pingbell.

Pingbell Open

Pingbell from Dutch start up FROLIC Studio combines Bluetooth Low Energy technology with a traditional bicycle bell to make locating your bicycle less of a chore. From our experience, finding your bicycle amongst the thousands locked at railway stations or in city centers after a long day at work or college, can be a challenge. So what does Pingbell do and why do we want one?

Pingbell App

The mobile application that accompanies Pingbell is really what makes the difference. Pingbell records the location of the bicycle and sends you a notification once you have locked it for the day. Nice. It is on your return that it becomes extremely useful. You check your location on your mobile device via the app, and you can tap to send a command for the bell to ‘ping’. If you can hear the sound you can most likely then find your bicycle. But what if it is dark? Good question. Well FROLIC also thought of that, Pingbell lights up and blinks via an app command as well as ‘pings’. So in amongst the dark your bell will shine.

Does it function like a traditional bicycle bell? Yes. Again this is important; the Pingbell does not necessarily have the appearance of a Smart object. It looks traditional and blends in, which is absolutely necessary as you will leave it unattended for most of the day.

What more could a cyclist want from a bell? GPS? Well possibly, but that would impact on power consumption and is not wholly necessary. Overall we cannot wait to see Pingbell around Cambridge in the near future.

Now where did I park my bicycle?

Pingbell is being funded on Kickstarter, and is such a necessary product that we at BlueCreation want to see it succeed.

You can read more about Pingbell here.

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